Going Out or just coming from work to your drive way clicking on your gate control and the gate just stuck, Not opening!!! We all have that moment, Is your gate open slow or close slow? You most like have a problem with your gate opener. If you are looking to upgrade your current gate, 911 San Diego Garage Door is the only place that should perform your driveway gate installation. Whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial gate, 911 San Diego Garage Door is perfect for your driveway gate installation. San Diego residents are already talking about their gates; it is time you were too.

Automatic Slider Gates

An automatic slider gate is an automated gate powered by a motor at the gate, which uses a remote control to open and shut. This gate saves on space by using existing fence lines, genuine good looks, privacy and security.

Automatic Swing Gates

An automatic swing gate is great for people with longer driveways, where space is not an issue.

Automatic Telescopic Gates

The telescopic gate is great for people with limited front fence. Ideal automatic gate option for inner city properties with limited frontage. This gate cascades from a space of four metres to two metres compactly.

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Whatever you need — for your home or business — large or small — we can get it done efficiently, professionally and at a price you can afford!

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